Anger & Criticism: Part One

One of the most common ways our anger (rage) is generated happens when we are criticized.  Therefore, this week I’d like to offer some insights into a better way of looking at this process.  Here is some really important facts you should know about criticism:

●Criticism is not a motivational technique.

●Criticism is designed to focus your attention on something the critic thinks is important.

●Criticism does not teach or show you how to correct, change or do anything.

●You cannot correct or change something unless you fully understand what the

critic thinks the problem is and the effect it is having on others or them.

●The critic’s perception of the issue is their reality.

●Criticism overpowers all other forms of feedback.

●There is actually no such thing as constructive criticism; all criticism is


●When you respond defensively in the face of criticism, you are taking an ineffectual, and weak position.


Here is the problem with explanations, excuses, justifications and reasons.

●No one is actually interested in hearing them.

●Making excuses, explanations, etc. puts you in a defensive posture.

●Explanations only provide the critic with additional ammunition for criticism.

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