The Thursday Special

Last Week’s Scenarios

Scenario #1

Critic: If you were a good parent, you would spend more time with the children

Your response:  I am a good parent and I am not able to spend more time with the children

Scenario #2

Critic:  Why must you wait until the grass is waist-high before you cut it?

Your response: Why do you ask?

Scenario #3

Critic:  How come you always step on the gas when the light is yellow?

Your response: I don’t understand the question.

Scenario #4

Critic:  What would happen if everyone wanted to stay out until 2:00 am?

Your response: I don’t know what would happen but I want to stay out until 2:00 AM.

This Week’s Scenarios

Scenario #1

Someone at work has suddenly exploded into what looks like uncontrollable hostile anger. Even though the person is several cubicles away from you, you are finding their outburst extremely disconcerting and very frightening.  What should you do?

Scenario #2

Someone at work walks into your workspace and starts to yell at you. They believe you told the boss about something they did which was unethical. You are totally unaware of what they are talking about.  You didn’t know what they were doing nor did you ever tattletale about them to the boss.  What should you do?

Scenario #3

Six months ago, Charlie Simmons was fired for poor performance.  Today he appears in the office with a hunting rifle and a face full of rage.  What should you do?

Scenario #4

Christine Jacobs has more energy than any ten people on the staff.  You understand from your co-workers that Christine’s frantic energy is the result of cocaine use.  Staff members have noticed a little traces of white powder under her nose after breaks and asked management to terminate Christine for drug use.  The department manager says there’s no actual proof that Christine is using.  Moreover, he thinks Christine is the most effective employee he has.  Yesterday, Christine became so enraged at her computer that she pulled it out off her desk and threw it out the office window.  You sit right near her.  What should you do?

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