DeAnne’s Anger Tips

Let’s say you tell someone with whom you are in a close relationship (spouse, child boy or girl friend) that something they do really drives you nuts and that you would appreciate it if they would stop doing it.  And, they continue to do it anyway.

Please understand that what you are facing here is hostility.  Here is a person who claims to love you and they are doing things which they know give you enormous amounts of stress.

The person is very angry at you for –  who knows what –  and are using this bit of information ( “It really drives me nuts when you leave your underwear in little piles all over the bedroom and bathroom instead of putting it in the hamper.”) to purposely annoy you.  What you need to do is have a one-on-one conversation with the person.  Relate the problem and state that the fact they are still doing this when they know it annoys you, must mean that they are angry with you about something.  “So, please tell me what are you angry about?”

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