Thursday Special

Last Week’s Scenarios

Scenario #1

You have brought your new boy friend, whom your parents do not like, home for dinner…..

●Assuming this is the love of your life, you must absolutely stand by your guns.  Do not destroy this relationship just because your parents are attempting to guilt-trip you into giving it up.

●You might say something like,” Gee Mom. I’m really sad that you don’t like Jeff.  However, he is very important to me and no amount of guilt will make me give him up.”

Scenario #2

Your doorbell rings. You open the door to find two people holding bibles……

●Thank them for their prayers

●State in a firm voice, “I do not wish to give you any money.  Good Bye.”  Then close the door and snap the lock as loud as you can.

Scenario #3….

Your neighbor has a dog that is a cross between a horse and an elephant….

●Grab your neighbor by the elbow and propel him from the room and away form the kids.

●Let your spouse  deal with the kids and the dog momentarily.

●Tell your neighbor, in no uncertain terms, that you do not appreciate him attempting to hijack the kids into guilt-tripping you into taking his dog.

●Insist he go back into your dining room and tell the kids he has decided to take the dog with him to his new home and will never put the dog down.

Scenario #4

You borrowed a very expensive blouse from your sister…..

●Your sister is using the manipulation known as beating a dead horse to make you feel guilty over ruining her blouse.

●Since you have already offered to pay for a replacement, which she found to be an unacceptable solution, you have done everything a reasonable person could.

●It is time to tell her to stop her guilt manipulation.

●You might say something like, “I offered my sincere apology many times over; I also offered to pay for a replacement.  You rejected both as a means of resolving the issue.  Since I have done all I could to satisfy you and you refuse to be satisfied, please do not mention that blouse to me again.  I am done.


This Week’s Scenarios

Scenario #1

You and your BFF are attempting to resolve a serious conflict.  Your BFF is using the collaborative method. You should therefore use the ________________method.

Scenario #2

Your neighbor is using a competing or win/lose method for conflict resolution with you over your dog messing in his yard  (“I will poison your dog if you don’t keep him out of my yard.”)  You feel as if you are being bullied (you are!)  You should use the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________method.

Scenario #3

Events have put you in a very angry frame of mind. You are due to have an important discussion with your boss in 30 minutes. Your wisest strategy is to _________that discussion.

Scenario #4

For you, the conflict issue is trivial; for your co-worker, it is critical. This is the ideal situation for you to utilize a _______resolution method and build up some good will.

Scenario #5

You and your significant other are in a conflict over something both of you recognize is trivial. Your most effective conversational approach will be ________________.

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