About the Book

Every day we hear of another instance of person-on-person violence. We blame lax gun control laws and television violence because they are easy targets. The problem is more complicated than that. Society has denied us the use of coping skills necessary for dealing with righteous anger and frustrations. In From Rage to Resolution, author DeAnne Rosenberg provides tools for legitimizing anger and hostility, making intelligent decisions regarding hostility generating situations, and empowering people to confront conflict effectively.


Using real-life situations and anecdotes of people confronted with challenging, anger-producing situations, From Rage to Resolution offers methods to help you


• recognize that even the simplest conflict is intensely complicated;

• realize why the strategy of don’t-get-mad-get-even doesn’t solve problems;

• use the five traditional methods of conflict resolution effectively;

• become skilled at verbally addressing conflict so that a win-win outcome is assured;

• mediate a conflict;

• recognize the relationship between anger/hostility and health/illness.


From Rage to Resolution illustrates that there are many opportunities for conflict and resolution every day. Some problems are truly beyond your control, but you can decide how you deal with these conflicts. You do have choices. You are in control.

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