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In The News

First Responders stood on the beach inSan FranciscoBayand watched a man drown because they were not certified in water rescue.  Red tape is killing this country and our humanity.  All those involved should turn in their human being licenses.  What were they thinking?


They might remember that Wilber and Orville Wright flew airplanes without licenses.   Bill Gates became a multi millionaire without a college degree.  You and I can achieve anything we set our minds to without permits, tickets authorizations or certifications.  We just have to put what’s between our ears to better use.

Weekly Anger Tips

The emotions that surround conflict – hostility, anger and rage, are a perfectly normal occurrence between human beings.  It is not necessarily good nor is it necessarily bad. It is just a very common by-product of people working and living together.

Secondly, conflict and its accompanying hostility, anger and rage can only occur in situations where people care about what’s going on. If nobody gives a hoot about how things are done, who is doing what to whom and which things are more important than other things, there is nothing to get emotional about.  It is only when people are personally invested in what’s happening that these emotions occur.

Thirdly, the people involved in the conflict must be in an inter-dependent relationship in order for the conflict and its associated hostility, anger and rage to exist.  Perhaps this is why bystanders to hostile acts do not react.  They don’t care what’s going on and wish to remain uninvolved.